Workshop Option A                                    Tutor: AnneMarie Moorhead

“Chinese Grasshopper”                            Cost:  $60

AnneMarie Moorhead lives in Wellington. She has been tutoring around New Zealand for many years as well as being a regular tutor at Nancy’s Stitch Studio. AnneMarie particularly enjoys using traditional techniques including silk shading, stumpwork, crewel work and gold work.

This little critter was adapted from a motif on a Chinese snuff box. He is padded with felt and string, and then is worked in Japanese gold, which is couched to the design using stranded silks, which add colour and life to the picture. I find this technique the best fun since childhood colouring-in books. However, do be aware, that or nué is a fine and slow technique requiring patience and precision…but the results can be stunning.





Workshop Option B                                               Tutor: Pat Davis

“Monochromatic Crewel”                         Cost: $60

Pat Davis is a well-known tutor in both her home province of Hawke’s Bay and throughout New Zealand with an extensive knowledge of all aspects of embroidery. 

Monochromatic Crewel is a class in setting a range of one colour threads.  It involves experimenting with balance, tone etc.  The class is suitable for embroiderers of all levels who are interested in extending the understanding of colour in their work.  It is not too taxing and can be completed relatively quickly.

No kit cost, but Pat can provide fabric if you wish at under $10.

The end use can be a cushion, front of a bag, or a picture.

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Workshop Option C                                               Tutor: Sarah Hooker

“Cottage Garden Doorstop”                   Cost: $60


A free style cottage garden is stitched with an emphasis on using easy embroidery stitches creatively. A number of garden layouts are introduced including a beautiful lattice pattern or a quick design you could complete in the weekend.

This is a fun class for all, including beginners who would like to learn a number of easy embroidery stitches. More advanced stitchers enjoy the freedom of working without a pattern. Students will be introduced to basic embroidery techniques and stitches including buttonhole, chain, detached chain, feather, fly, stem, french knots, straight, spiders webs, woven wheels and lattice fillings. Stitches will be mixed to create a pretty cottage garden effect.

At the end of the class the entire doorstop construction process is demonstrated. You’ll be given full design, stitch and construction notes so you can confidently complete the project at home.



Workshop Option D                                                           Tutor: Kerry Seeley

“Get drawn in with a lace edge”                                  Cost: $60



Based in Hawke’s Bay, Kerry is a very experienced white-work tutor.

This small mat is approximately 16 square cms.  We will explore a simple drawn thread filling of your choice, together with a separate centre filling, finished with a beautiful needle lace edge.  Materials are 28 count cashel linen and Perle 12 thread.  There is some pre-class stitching (satin stitch and four sided stitching) which will make the class much more fun as we can spend time on fillings and the lace edge.  


Workshop Option E            CLASS FULL                           Tutor:  Robyn Hart

“Birds on a Wire”                                            Cost:  $60

Kit Cost: see below


This fun surface stitchery is a class designed to suit all levels, and as an introduction to a wide variety of stitches.

Robyn encourages students to work in their choice of colours, but a kit or partial kit can be provided. Kit cost varies from $15 for the pattern to $25 (supply own threads) to $60 for the full kit.  We will supply more details if you register for this class.


Description: P1030247

General Information

 Display. Please bring an item of work completed within the last two years for an instant display.  Don’t forget to put your name on it!  This is not an exhibition but a display of current work to inspire us all.

 Accommodation. Please arrange your own accommodation if required. Some suggestions:

·     Ballina Motel (closest to EIT).  393 Gloucester St, Taradale.. Ph 0508 22 55 42

·     ASURE Colonial Lodge Motel. 164 Gloucester St, Taradale. Ph 0800 68 44 77

·     Kennedy Park Resort, Storkey St, Napier.  Ph 0800 457 275

Raffle:  This will be available only to people attending the Stitch Away Hawke’s Bay weekend.  Tickets $2 each or 3 for $5.  Prizes New World Vouchers – treat yourself!

 Mrs Sharp:  Mrs Sharp sharpens scissors, knives and garden tools.  She will be at the venue on Saturday, and possibly also Sunday. Cost is:

·       Scissor sharpening.           $5 to $10 per pair.

Knife sharpening                 $4 to $8 per knife.

·       Garden tools                                    $7.50 to $10.

Enquiries:  If you have any questions, or would like more copies of this brochure or the registration form, please do not hesitate to contact:

Bridget Bell on 06 857 5399 or ngahere@slingshot.co.nz

Deb Renton-Green on 021 770 449 or drentongreen@gmail.com