ANZEG holds a number of teaching aids, folios, videos and slide collections for use by guilds and individual guild members. 

Also available are albums of previous national exhibitions on cd or slides (for older exhibitions). Some of the older slides are currently being placed on discs too, which will make them easier to view and easier to store. 

Every Guild has a Blue Folder with details of all the resources available.


For more information about ANZEG Resources contact:

Jill Wilson
Resources Co-ordinator

2315 Wyuna Bay Road, RD1, COROMANDEL, 3581

Cell 0212950770



The following portfolios are available to be borrowed by Guilds and their individual members by applying to the Resources Custodian.

Folios are generally issued for two calendar months at $15 each.

Folios are graded (with asterisks) for level of difficulty:

Beginners* Intermediate** Advanced***

To book a folio or to make enquiries about any aspect of them (or to suggest a new folio) please contact:

Resources Custodian 

ANZEG Folio No 1 - Aran Mini Cushion*

The Aran mini cushion is a very clear teaching aid, comprising of five pages of notes, and completed cushion to accompany instructions. A great introduction to canvas work.

ANZEG Folio No 2 - Assisi*

The Assisi folio is an excellent study on this technique. It has 25 pages which are devoted to the history, suggested linen and samples to tempt!

ANZEG Folio No 3 – Pulled Thread Bookmark***

This bookmark on fine (high thread count) linen is an ideal resource for those beginning to work with linen. Folio compiled by Mina Thomas.

ANZEG Folio No 4 – Italian Inspiration Mat **

A delicate mat stitched in traditional cream on cream. A great project for lovers of counted work. All instructions and sample mat included. Designed and stitched by Olwyn Horwood.

ANZEG Folio No 5 – Tassels and Cords*

Instructions come with completed samples, together with a booklet published by Madeira Marketing. Anyone wanting to learn to make elegant tassels and cords to complete embroidered articles will find this an excellent resource. This has recently been updated by Coromandel Guild.

ANZEG Folio No 6 - Dorset Feather Stitchery*

A number of pages make up the work in this folio and the history and uses of this “peasant” embroidery is explained very clearly. The folio is accompanied by the book “Dorset Feather Stitchery” by Olivia Pass. Joan Forsythe has stitched a design, along with her explanation of how she arrived at the design, which could be used for a blouse yoke.

ANZEG Folio No 7 - Edgings*

All you ever needed to know about edgings and how to finish them. Samples are enclosed to help reach the destination! The folio was compiled by Kirsty Burbury.

ANZEG Folio No 8 - Hems and Mitres*

How to make beautiful mitred corners on your hemstitched linen are explained very clearly in this folio. It consists of seven pages with clear samples and methods to follow.

ANZEG Folio No 9 - Lavender Bags*

This folio has always been popular. The original samples have been lost and Andrea Miller has kindly re-stitched new ones, and added new notes. These seem to appeal to young, old and in-between. Suggested use of material, thread and needles make this an easy folio for anyone to follow. ANZEG Folio

ANZEG Folio No 10 – Italian Whitework Mat **

A counted work mat that includes a variety of stitches and would be a good learning project for a guild group guided by an experienced embroiderer

All instructions and sample mat included’ Designed by Olwyn Horwood

ANZEG Folio No 11 - Hardanger Tassel *

A small hardanger project for individuals or guilds to borrow.  These tassels can be stitched in traditional creams or whites but are also beautiful with added Christmas colours and beads to create decorations. All instructions and 2 sample tassels included. Designed and stitched by Marjorie Irwin.


ANZEG Folio No 12 - Surface Stitchery*

Anne Averill has updated this folio and we’re advised on reference books, threads, colour, design and stitch families along with mounting and presentation of completed work, plus how to achieve the attractive sampler of stitches.


ANZEG Folio No 13 - Toggles*

This is a small folio but the two cards of accompanying instructions and samples show the steps to follow to create fabric toggles to finish the ends of cords.


ANZEG Folio No 14 - Blackwork Bookmarks*

Kindly revamped by Muriel Pullar, there are 3 simple designs to learn from. Simple, easy to follow instructions included.

ANZEG Folio No 15 - Hardcover Needle Book***

Two samples of the needle book go with this folio and all the steps toward achieving this useful item are clearly explained. The design for the outer cover is left to the stitcher to choose. Nan Smith and Esther Gunn created this very useful folio.

ANZEG Folio No 16 - Machine Embroidery***

This large folio was compiled by Helen Marshall. The examples were taken from a set of 20 slides presented to ANZEG by Joy Clucas of the UK. The use of everything from sheers to yarns is covered and a note accompanies each worked piece. If you haven’t tried machine embroidery then the step-by-step nature of this folio is for you.

ANZEG Folio No 17 – Canvas Ribbon Pincushion*

An oldie but a goodie. Patterns and samples have been recently designed and stitched for a local guild project. You decide on placement of the individual patterns. All instructions and samples included. Designed by Jill Wilson from Coromandel Guild

ANZEG Folio No 18 - Mounting Embroidery*

Compiled by Pene Williamson with some working samples completed by Marianne Craig. You will be in no doubt about mounting your embroidery after working through this excellent folio.

ANZEG Folio No 19 - Hardanger**

Compiled by Yvonne Lawrence this Hardanger folio shows you the way to design your own work. There are so many ideas, not to mention the use of metallic thread, cotton, knitting rayon, soft wool. Lots of samples to get creative juices flowing!

ANZEG Folio No 19a - Designing for Hardanger**

Anyone new to Hardanger will learn much from this folio which was prepared and worked by Shelley Warner with instructions from Merial Johansen.


ANZEG Folio No 20 - Cutwork*

The cutwork samples were worked by Mary Watkin, with acknowledgment to Mrs P Fleming. This is a lovely technique, and not difficult. Good for a Guild project or to while away a few hours on a cold winter day!


ANZEG Folio No 21 - Gingham Stitchery*

Three ladies contributed to this gingham folio – Lyn Heath, Beryl Gibson and Pene Williamson. Also known as Chicken Scratch, this folio is full of ways to use this versatile embroidery technique with lots of tips for working, threads and fabric to use. It is accompanied by a book: “Chicken Scratch for All Occasions”.

 ANZEG Folio No 22 - Hussif**

One could say this was almost a historical piece of work! It featured in a ‘loan packet’ sent from the UK Embroiderers’ Guild before our Association was formed. The sample was worked by Margaret Jeffery. The resultant hussif is very elegant and includes many useful embroidery skills. A new sample has been stitched by Pat Britton of Auckland Guild.

ANZEG Folio No 23 - Round Box Making***

Compiled by Christine Carr these round boxes use old sellotape reels as their base. The clear instructions provide a very nice small box. The embroidered design on top is left to the embroiderer to choose.

ANZEG Folio No 24 - Designing with Pattern Darning*

Joyce Ross has put together this teaching aid, and included some historical notes. The folio takes us through from design to stitch.

ANZEG Folio No 25 – Canvas Needlecase with zip pocket* 

This is a new Canvas work folio, and replaces the old one. The design is for a good sized needlecase with the addition of a pocket for those little ”bits and pieces”. This is stitched by the ladies from Kapiti Guild. It also includes stitched samples of other canvas stitches which can be used. This is a very popular folio.

ANZEG Folio No 26 - Design**

A. Working with a template.
B. Working with cut paper.
C. Looking at unexpected parts of plants, graphing, stylising with straight lines.
Voided designs.
E. Playing with line.

F. Graphing for working in colour.
G. Making an abstract design. This folio comes in six parts: (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) and (f) compiled by Mary Heathcott and Heather Brinsdon. A group of embroiderers could have a lot of fun exploring.

ANZEG Folio No 27 - Linen Needlecase with Picot Edge*

An ideal project for a wet day. Simple stitchery on linen and a very nice finished project. Great for beginning embroiderers and those new to working with linen.

ANZEG Folio No 28Elizabethan Sweet Bag***

Made by Irene McDiarmid who was awarded the ANZEG national Study Assistance Grant in 2014 to attend the Lady Anne’s Needlework Retreat.

The folio includes the bag, pattern and instructions as well as how to do plaited braid stitch and a slightly different way of doing detached buttonhole stitch.

ANZEG Folio No 29 – Cross Stitch Hussif **

This folio was designed and stitched by Margaret Ross, Sue Carroll and Dorothy Devanne from Kapiti Guild. Good instructions for a very useful Hussif, with places for your thimble, scissors, needles and threads. A very pretty flower design is used throughout, though you could use your own design if you wished.

ANZEG Folio No 30 - Small Borders*

Colourfully presented, this will encourage experiments in creating your own small, embroidered borders to edge linen, or other small articles of embroidery.


ANZEG Folio No 31 – Florentine Canvaswork*

One page of historical notes precedes the ‘how to’ of this folio. Suggested fabrics, threads and needles lead to the method of working with worked coloured samples to entice!      

ANZEG Folio No 32 - Wessex Concertina Needlebook **

Wessex stitched on linen with a cotton fabric inner with 10 pockets to store packets of needles. This was designed and stitched for a local guild project.  All instructions and sample included. Designed by Jill Wilson.

ANZEG Folio No 33 - Schwalm* and *** 33A. Schwalm* 33B. Schwalm Pincushion and Needlecase* . 33C. Schwalm Beginners Designs 33D. Schwalm tea Cosy/ Table Centre***

Christine Bishop forwarded these working designs which are largely taken from her book.

ANZEG Folio No 34 - Drawn Thread Sachet*

This is a delightful sachet with very clear instructions. Simple to make, excellent for beginning embroiderers. Compiled by Kerry Seeley.

ANZEG Folio No 35 - Drawn Thread Mat***

Another folio compiled by Kerry Seeley. A beautifully worked linen mat with the four corners each worked in a different technique.

ANZEG Folio No 36 - Goldwork* and ***

You won’t go astray buying incorrect materials for this folio. A very clear guide with attractive, small embroidered samples to experiment with. Compiled by Jo Dixey.

ANZEG Folio No 37 - Elizabethan***

Compiled by Lynette Hale this Elizabethan sampler has proved very popular. Clear instructions lead the way to a successfully completed piece of work.

ANZEG Folio No 38 - Needlelace**

Rowena Larsen compiled this folio. An interesting technique and Rowena has working examples to guide you through to successfully complete all the steps in needlelace to create a three-dimensional flower.


ANZEG Folio No 39 - Christmas Decorations  – Conference 2016 *

A resource of 34 patterns using existing patterns from library magazines. Northern Region Guilds  stitched the designs and a full set of decorations were raffled at Conference in Auckland

ANZEG Folio No 40 - Stitch Sampler Booklet*

A set of embroidery stitches designed as a workshop for Hamilton Conference 2010. The variety of stitches included make this a good learning project for a guild group with several new members or as an individual project.

All instructions and photos included. Designed and stitched by Peta MacMillan

ANZEG Folio No 41 - Rectangle Covered Box **

This project was originally designed for a mid - winter guild retreat and then taught again at Great Escape in Orewa 2018.  Any type of embroidery can be stitched to go on the top and the box dimensions could be changed to create a different size. A sample of the box is included with construction notes. Designed by Jill Wilson.

ANZEG Folio No 42 - Pattern Darning -Nyzynka / Kogin Pin Cushions *

Julie is a self taught embroiderer who loves stitching and creating counted work projects. This small project was designed for a fun Guild day in Christchurch and when complete would make a lovely gift or an item for your guild’s sales table. Designed by Julie Clemett from JC Design.

ANZEG Folio No 43 - Egyptian Brooch *

This project is stitched on wool felt using a range of threads and stitches. Once finished it can be used as a decoration or as a brooch by adding a pin to the back. Designed by Jane van Keulen from Hamner

ANZEG Folio No 44 – Jacobs Ladder Needle Holder*

Using your own design for a stitched front and back cover, this folio includes samples and ‘how to assemble” instructions. Ideal for using small previous stitched samples that may not have a current use or sales table item.

ANZEG Folio No 45 – Wool Felt Christmas Baubles *

A set of 2 baubles that can be stitched by an individual or would make a great small guild project.  Jane’s design flair is well known throughout NZ and these projects are bright and colourful. Designed by Jane van Keulen from Hamner .


 ANZEG Folio No 46 - ANZEG Diary Cover *

A choice of 2 embroidery designs are offered in this folio. A strawberry or an Acorn. These have surface stitching and beading and a spine designed to store a pen.  The perfect size to use with the annual pocket diary or adapt to fit a notebook. Designed by Gay Downing

 ANZEG Folio No 47 - Velvet and Felt Bag *

A very dainty bag made from felt and velvet and embroidered with ribbon and surface stitching. This would make a delightful gift or could be colour coordinated to match an outfit for a special occasion. Designed by Gay Downing.


DVDs. All DVDs are available for borrowing at a cost of $10 to cover postage and packaging, for a period of 4 weeks.

It is important to be very careful when handling the discs – they are easily scratched. Scratches can stop them playing in some machines.

201. Simply Fused

The Magic of Angelina, Crystallina and Fusible Film. Sarah Lawrence shows you how to turn Angelina and Crystallina fibres and Fusible film into fabulous sheets of iridescent magic


202. The Decorated Surface

Sarah Lawrence shows easy ways to create background papers and other surfaces


203. Profile of Jean Littlejohn

Jean is seen working in her studio and outlining recent sequences of study leading to the present stage on an ongoing and continuous enquiry


204. Profile of Jan Beaney

Jan is seen working in her studio and demonstrating in detail every stage of her technique of building rich new cloths created by machine and hand stitching on soluble fabric.


205. The Techniques of Ruskin Lace by Elizabeth Prickett

Elizabeth is the world’s leading exponent in the art of Ruskin Lace – a unique form of traditional needlework that originated in the English Lake District during the 19th century. In this double DVD, Elizabeth describes and demonstrates, in close up, over 35 individual processes and patterns, allowing you to follow step-by-step.


206. Creating Machine Embroidery with Alison Holt

In this 3+ hour DVD, ‘Flowers and Landscapes’ Alison will show you how to create your own machine embroidered flowers, foliage and landscapes. Alison combines her love of nature with her unique flair for creating dramatic effects with her standard sewing machine, using just straight and zigzag stitches.


207 In Motion

A 2 disc set from  Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn show the power and possibilities of free motion machine stitching. Full of Inspiration and guidance


208. In Stitches

A 2 disc set from  Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn who provide a comprehensive, informative and inspirational guide to hand stitching, introducing innovative ways of looking at a variety of traditional hand embroidery stitches.


209. Gutermann – Thread Painting, Liz Hubbard

From drawing to the use of the colour wheel and thread guide to machine stitch a piece of work. You are taken through step by step.


210. Annemeike Mein, Appliqué and Machine Embroidery

Enjoy some time with Annemeike and her amazing work. This is a copy of Video No 117. 211. Dissolving Embroidery, Margaret Chappell-Hewitt: This DVD demonstrates what can be achieved using this technique, creating everything from flowers to earrings.


211. Dissolving Embroidery, Margaret Chappell-Hewitt

This DVD demonstrates what can be achieved using this technique, creating everything from flowers to earrings.


212. Learning Ahir Embroidery

A comprehensive set of 3 DVD’s made in India to promote and teach Ahir Embroidery. Demonstrations include making inks, creating the drawing, stitches, cutting, binding, embroidering mirrors and creating motifs.


213.  Inspired Transfer Paints


214. Interpretations

A set of 3 DVD’s from Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn who show us how to look, become aware of what attracts us and then demonstrate how to record observations through several techniques. Released in 2017



216. Jane Rainbow – Ups and Downs of Crewelwork

This is accompanied by her book

217. Seeing Double – Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn

These two talented ladies are featured individually in this DVD working on a theme Five Minutes from Home producing new work for this exhibition 'Seeing Double'.


218. Talking Threads – Series 1

Talking Threads is a series of exciting programmes about the creative and colourful world of contemporary textile are. Featuring nine different artists, the series looks at what inspires them and gains a unique insight into their work, including machine embroidery, using heat techniques, hand stitching, silk painting, dyeing, quilting and mixed media.


219. Stitch Imagery

From Photo to Fabric Fun with Kelli Nina Perkins. Create whimsical fabric paintings from your own photos; no skill required! Turn s snapshot into a quick watercolour collage. Learn how to add interest with bleach discharge, ripped layers, stamping and foiling. Pump up the juicy colours with textile paints and old pastels. Add the magic touch with free motion thread painting!


220. Layer by Layer with Beryl Taylor

Take a up-close look at a variety of mixed media techniques, using an extensive range of components from paper through to nail polish and just about everything in between!


221. Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork with Di van Niekerk - Vol 1

Di teaches this popular hobby on a beautiful flower sampler with 13 panels, 50 stitches are shown step by step, including 17 different flowers and creatures with 10 Stumpwork techniques. An ideal way to learn as stitches are magnified four times the actual size.


222.Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork with Di van Niekerk – Vol 2

Learn to create over 18 different flowers and creatures including the iris, hollyhock, delphinium and a little bird. Details close ups of 20 stitches and 9 Stumpwork techniques enlarges and step-by-step for even a complete beginner.


223. In Action with Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn

They demonstrate a variety of techniques including fabric paints, dyes, embellishing hand and machine embroidery. Running time 2 hours.


224. Inspired Velvet with Angie Hughes

This is another of Colouricious produced DVDs, where Angie Hughes shows ways to add sparkle and glitter, foils and hot spots. Running time 97 mins.



225. Inspired Textile Techniques with Marilyn Pipe

Marilyn takes you through 10 simple mixed media techniques. Another DVD from the Colouricious range. Running time 82 mins.


226. The Long and Short of It – a needle painting workshop with Trish Burr Trish shows step by step how to stitch in long and short stitches. Also in this set is a CD Rom with printouts in PDF format.


227. Inspired Textile Landscapes with Gilda Baron

Gilda shows varies ways, some quirky, to make landscape designs. A Colouricious DVD. Running time 90 mins.


228. Mirror Work & Embroiderers of Klutch, India

Those interested in Shisha work will enjoy viewing Indian decorative embroidery and how the mirrors are produced.


229. Creative Bondaweb with Kim Thittichai

Bondaweb is known as Wonder Under or Vliesofix. See various ways to use this medium. Running time 62 mins.


230. Creative Free Machine Embroidery with Gina Farrari

A very good DVD for those wanting to start machine embroidery. Running time 65mins.


231. Teach + Learn Volume 2 from Surface Design Association

2 discs showing more advanced ways of Korean paper making. Acrylics for Textiles, Kumihimo with Wire, Basic Bajagi making and Felted wool transformations. Running time 267 mins.


232. Demonstrations 2009 from Surface Design Association Intonations Conference in Kansas City

These demonstrations include Dimensional Manipulation of Felted Surfaces, Deconstructed screen printing and Encaustic for Fibre Artists and other.


233. The Crewel Work Company: Level One Basic Stitches

To learn all about this historic art form, Phillipa Turnbull guides you through in this ultimate step-by-step guide.


234. Nations of the World in Stitch

A spectacular tribute in stitch by members of the UK Embroiderers’ Guild, depicting the life and times of over two hundred sporting nations in over three thousand embroidered images.

ANZEG Resources

The Resources held by me are available to any member of ANZEG, and can be borrowed by a Guild, a stitch group or an individual. The folios are available to borrow for 2 months and the DVDs for 1 month only. The cost is $15 for Folios and $10 for DVDs; these costs cover the postage, stationary etc.


 ARCHIVED SLIDE SETS and DVDs   -  Available for hire on request

Some of the items included are Using Stitches (slides), Overseas exhibitions (slides), New Zealand Exhibitions (Slides ) , New Zealand  Conferences 1980 to 2018 (slides and DVD’s) and an interview with Estelle Shaw (DVD )


Every Guild has a Blue Folder with details of all the resources available. Please contact me if you would like any information