Embroidery Modules and Diploma

These modules replace the old ANZEG Certificates and are designed for self development and exploration of a technique.  You may do one or several of the Modules and are encouraged to research your chosen technique through books, observation, classes, internet, etc.  You can research a technique you know well, or a new technique to further develop your knowledge.

For the Diploma, you must complete five modules.  Three of which - Design, Colour and Theory - are compulsory, plus two techniques of your own choosing.

The Syllabus, giving information on all modules, is available at a cost of $20.  Whether you get a group together or work on your own, this can be an enjoyable journey.  


For more information or to buy a copy of the Modules, Please contact: 

Paula Hucklesby
ANZEG Embroidery Modules Co-ordinator