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The Mystery Sampler

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Oct 07 2014
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After the Christchurch Conference in 2014 when the Agreement was signed between ANZEG and The Northern Region to host the 2016 BGM Conference. Elizabeth Darrah asked me did I have any ideas about a fundraiser for the region..... and so it happened.

Elizabeth Darrah: Any thoughts on a fundraiser for conference?

Diane Martin: No, not yet

ED: I have a sampler that I would be happy to donate.

DM: That would be ok. Who do you think would do it?

ED: Not sure

DM: What does it look like?

ED: I will show next time you’re visiting.


Some weeks later

ED: Here is the sampler

DM: That looks ok (being a girl not very au fait with samplers)

ED: We could do it as a Mystery Sampler in that they get so much each month.

DM: That would be quite good. How many do you thing would take part?

ED: I don’t know maybe a couple of dozen...

And so The Mystery Sampler was born and the rest is history.

Firstly Elizabeth needed to make sure that the pattern was all complete and I was given bands as they were ready to do the stitching and make sure that it was all correct. As I said, not being a ‘sampler stitcher’ it was all new to me. Out came the Mary Thomas, Barbara Snook etc. and so the stitching was done. 

At the next Northern Region Presidents meeting, the Presidents all got a brief glimpse of the sampler and explained about it being a fundraiser for the Region, and in my new monthly Memo there was a small article about The Mystery Sampler.

I happened to mention to a Guild member what we were doing and that I would like a little ditty about copyright and the next day this is what I received.

‘This is a little ditty that I’ve been asked to write

A friendly little reminder, just in case you might

Stitch the sampler, Pass the pattern on

Even though you know that’s quite wrong

There is copyright. Legal stuff, I’m told

So you can’t pass it on and it can’t be sold

It’s for the good of all of us, not just for one

So let’s all do the right thing and have stitch fun


My thanks to anon.

There is also a final ‘ditty’ but that’s for you to find out when you do the sampler.

It was amazing what happened next, the ladies in the region all took to the idea and we had letters daily. Then they started to come from further afield. Elizabeth and I were just ‘blown away’. From one small article in my Memo – it just goes to show what a community we stitchers are.

One of the things that I found inspiring was that Guild Members were working together; with those more experienced helping others, so it became a teaching experience as well as a lot of fun.

I have since been to a few Guild exhibitions and there they all are together, and don’t they look great – all different – different colours, patterns changed to suit the stitcher, and either finished as bell pulls, framed and one even a book cover.

This article is to say thank you to all those who participated, and a big Thank You to Elizabeth for donating The Mystery Sampler.

If you would like to do the sampler, it is now packaged with a photo and may still be purchased at $35.00.

You can email me Diane Martin diane@diginet.co.nz  and I will be able to send you the details.


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