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Thank you from The Tapestry Trust

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Apr 10 2014
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The Tapestry Trust thanks all people who have given their support to the Tapestry Trust project.  Thank you for your enthusiasm, for your contribution to the design of your panel, and thank you to those who have worked hard to contribute towards fund raising.  Without everyone's help this project could not move forward. We want each panel to be representative of the area in which it is stitched and to include as much of the local history as possible.

At this stage there are eight panels that are with Guilds and embroidery has started.  They have received the stabilised panel mounted on a folding frame, threads, and a picture of their panel to be used as a colour guide.  A very brief stitch guide is included so that there is continuity between the panels. Reports from participating guilds show that the work is progressing steadily.

The Guild in Manawatu received the design of their panel just in time for their Regional Retreat at the end of March.  This panel will be at the conference in New Plymouth in mid July where embroiderers will be able to see the completed designs of those panels already with guilds.  We anticipate that it will be possible to add a stitch should anyone wish to do so.


Rotorua's panel, The Tarawera Eruption, followed by South Waikato's panel, Primeval New Zealand, will be the next designs to be created.  Alex is working on their creation and we anticipate that Rotorua should receive the initial drawing of their panel design shortly.  


The sixteen Guilds who have been allocated a panel title please be patient, we will work with you as soon as possible.  Consultation and design takes time and we want to get it right so that all the participants can be proud of their contribution to this project.


At the moment our finances are in the black but we continually need to apply to charitable trusts for support.  There are ongoing costs for materials, postage, and insurance and we anticipate further expenses when each completed panel is mounted on acid free board.  We also pay the artist as he completes each panel design.  If you know of a charitable trust in your area that may be willing to support a panel embroidered by your guild please let us know, email: jeanette.nz@gmail.com. We will make an application on your behalf. 


Jeanette Trotman

April 2014

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