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Mt Felix Tapestry itinerary (click on itinerary to see all details relating to the Tapestry)


August 2018

freight from London to Auckland mid-August 2018 

Exhibition 1 - Papakura Museum Aug 18 to Sept 30

 Oct 2 or 3 (ish) Tapestry Freight/transport from Auckland to Christchurch

Exhibition 2 - Canterbury Museum Oct 6 to Nov 3

 Nov 5 or 6 (ish) Tapestry Freight/transport from Christchurch to Hamilton 

Exhibition 3 - Waikato Museum Nov 10 to Dec 3

 Dec 5/6 Tapestry Transport from Hamilton to Wellington

Exhibition 4 - Expressions Gallery, Upper Hutt, Wellington Dec 22 to March 7 2019

  March 9/10ish - Tapestry Transport to Dunedin

Exhibition 5 - Toitu Otago Settlers Museum 15 March to 29 April

 May 2 ish - Tapestry transport to Hawkes Bay

Exhibition 6 - Hawkes Bay Wairoa Museum - 6 May to 29 June 2019

Tapestry transport to London



·       Has your guild or members borrowed a resource in the past 12 months?

·       Are your guild members aware that there is a folder in your guild library with an updated list of resources available?

·       Are your guild members aware that there is also a full list of resources available on the ANZEG website?

·       Has your guild considered using a resource for a group project?

·       After discussion at the recent OGM it was agreed that one of the best applications in the use of resources folios is as a group teaching tool for small class projects.

·       It has been decided to focus on adding projects that are useful as group teaching tools. It would appreciated if Regional Reps and Guild Presidents could approach members that they think might be able to develop or provide these projects for the Resources portfolio.

(I would be available to discuss these options with anyone who thinks they might be able to help)

·       Can guilds offer any suggestions for new DVD’s or folios that aren’t currently available through Resources?


Jill Wilson


Resources Custodian