Extensions is an autonomous group of embroiderers under the umbrella of the Association of NZ Embroiderers' Guilds (Inc).  It consists of both formal and informal area groups as well as individuals throughout New Zealand.

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Donna Kennedy - Extensions Coordinator

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 Extensions Report for Threads October 2016

The event of the year has to be Conference 2016 at Ellerslie. Well done to the Auckland team who organised this.

 Extensions day held on the Friday allowed Extension members to hold the BGM and openly discuss how to improve our interaction and connectivity so that there is greater sharing of activities around the country. The coordinators and also individuals were reminded that they can and should use our Threads magazine and facebook (ANZEG Extensions).Then selections of work can be put up on the website to showcase in the public arena the amazing art you all make.

 As coordinator I can gather this for you and send to all groups.

So we are looking forward to a lot more visual material to come off phones and into our news letters to showcase NZ Extensions.  Region Representatives when notified will also become part of the loop. With a higher profile the value of Extensions membership will be realised and new members , always welcome, will see that we are not secret or invisible.

Sue Wademan from Queenstown was our invited speaker on the day. As a working artist Sue told her interesting story of a sight impaired woman who has a talent and love for collage and colour. This is very apparent in her work. For those who did not hear Sue she has a website. Just google her name.

The afternoon was spent in a workshop with a random selection of fabrics to create their own collage in a very short time. There was no picking and choosing your favourite colours unless you exchanged with someone else. Some Master pieces were created and some went in the bin but enthusiasm was evident and there was a bit of fun to end the day on.

The meeting confirmed that on alternate years we will hold a National Extensions Exhibition. 

The Exhibition title for 2017 will be titled – COMMUNICATION - .

We have no confirmed gallery space at the time of writing this but now you have early notice so you can start planning right away.

Donna Kennedy

ANZEG Extensions Coordinator  

Email:  donna.kennedy72@outlook.com


Treasurer for membership subscriptions

Pamela Macdougall

Email:  pameladmacdougall@gmail.com