The Education Co-ordinator is responsible for all matters relating to education and training of embroiderers' within ANZEG, including:


  • keeping the ANZEG Tutors Register up to date
  • co-ordinating the Postbag Colour Challenge
  • keeping up with current trends in the world of embroidery
  • promoting the work of ANZEG locally, regionally and nationally


Postbag Colour Challenge 2018: “All That Glitters Gold”

ANZEG Postbag Colour Challenge




Click on this link to check out registration and requirements:  anzeg.org.nz/cms/media/Postbag_Colour_Challenge.rtf








ANZEG Study Assistance Grant


Guild members can apply for a Study Assistance Grant to help financially with furthering their knowledge of embroidery.  Actvities supported include:


     attending a class overseas

    visiting an art gallery/exploring a new embroidery technique, or

     further studying a particular type of embroidery

The next Grant will be presented at the July 2018 ANZEG Conference in Nelson.

An application form can be downloaded here.


Applications close 1 June 2018.





For more information about ANZEG's education programme contact:

Diane Wilson
Education Co-ordinator