The Education Co-ordinator is responsible for all matters relating to education and training of embroiderers' within ANZEG, including:


  • keeping the ANZEG Tutors Register up to date
  • co-ordinating the Postbag Colour Challenge
  • keeping up with current trends in the world of embroidery
  • promoting the work of ANZEG locally, regionally and nationally


Postbag Colour Challenge 2018: “All That Glitters Gold”

ANZEG Postbag Colour Challenge




This Exhibiion can be viewed at the Quilt and Craft Fair 


6th September till 9th September 2018








ANZEG Study Assistance Grant


Guild members can apply for a Study Assistance Grant to help financially with furthering their knowledge of embroidery.  Actvities supported include:


     attending a class overseas

     visiting an art gallery/exploring a new embroidery technique, or

     further studying a particular type of embroidery

The next Grant will be presented at the July 2020 ANZEG Conference in Masterton


Applications close 1 June 2020.





For more information about ANZEG's education programme contact:

Paula Hucklesby
Education Co-ordinator