This piece of Embroidery has been stitched and donated by Kathy Arthurs from Rotorua. Kathy has especially made this piece for the Association of New Zealand Embroiderers' Guilds (ANZEG). We will be able to Display this Banner at our Biennial Conferences, Quilt & Craft Fairs etc. This is not our official logo, but a very personal embroidery that is vibrant and colourful. This will stand out when seen by the public as a wonderful advertisement of the happy fun filled times we have as Embroiderers throughout our beautiful country. Thank you Kathy. 
Pauline Cosgrove Haggerty, National President, ANZEG.



Welcome to the World of New Zealand Embroidery.

We hope in visiting our website you will be inspired to seek further information about the Association of New Zealand Embroiderers’ Guilds (ANZEG) or how you can become more involved in embroidery by joining one of the 59 Guilds throughout New Zealand.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced stitcher, or if you are looking for a challenge, we hope you will contact us through this website or through a guild in your area.

What do we do?

ANZEG is the parent organisation for the 59 embroiderers’ guilds around New Zealand.  Our overall aim is to encourage embroidery in all its forms, innovation in design and excellence in stitching.

We do this through:

  • The ANZEG Embroidery Modules and Diploma, with a mentoring scheme for those taking part.

We keep all the guilds in touch with each other through:

  • Regional representatives in each of the seven ANZEG regions of New Zealand

    • A biennial conference and week of workshops

      • Our twice-yearly magazine, Threads, featuring articles, profiles, competitions and challenges, exhibitions and news keeping guilds in touch with what is happening around New Zealand.

Our guilds are a great place to learn about and share embroidery - everything from cross stitch to mixed media, gold work to whitework, canvas work to beadwork to just about any embroidery you care to name - someone, somewhere will be creating it.